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Rebecca Finch




18x24 oil $1,450

Longing for Daybreak


8x8 oil $490

In the Spotlight

October 21st - November 18th

Certain Hope of Unseen Things

Rebecca Finch and five fellow artists are featured

at West End Gallery and exhibiting

a collection new paintings.

West End Gallery

12 West Market Street Corning, NY

The exhibit will remain until November 18th

"Grief's Intrusion" detail, 10x10 oil

20x30 oil $2,100

*If you enjoy these images enough to "copy" them, please ask permission first. Thank you!

The Joy and Toil of a Journey

12x24 oil $950

All paintings are available at West End Gallery

12 West Market Street, Corning, NY 14830

(607) 936-2011

All paintings are available at West End Gallery

12 West Market Street, Corning, NY 14830

(607) 936-2011

8x10 oil $525

Abide in the Light

Grief's Intrusion

12x16 oil $750

10x10 oil $575

A Future and a Hope

11x14 oil $625

A Promise for Nightfall

12x16 oil Sold

When Morning Comes

5x7 oil $295

Set Free

6x6 oil $295

At Peace

In Love

6x6 oil $295

6x6 oil $295

With Patience

5x7 oil $295

A Little Comfort

In Due Season

10x10 oil $595

9x11 oil $575

Joy Comes in the Morning

12x12 oil $650

It Lasts for the Night

Strong and Courageous

12x16 oil $750

So many times in life we live hoping for something to happen, we're working toward a goal, or living in a situation we wish could be changed...simply put, we have a hope for something that we're not yet seeing. It may last for years, and sometimes we grow tired of looking and hoping, and we may turn to despair or discouragement. This painting reflects the struggle to remain faithful to that dream or goal even though we have not yet seen it come to pass. But we can hang on to the evidences that one day it will.

themes and Symbols

You may notice the frequent appearance of certain colors and objects in this grouping of paintings that have come to mean certain things to me lately.

Sometimes in the middle of living life, grief and sadness creep in and there's not much we can do about it but accept it and grieve fully.

The darkness in life provides the necessary contrast so the brightest highlights can best be seen.

Keys have the ability to lock or set free. It's our choice to turn the key and be freed from fear, shame or anything else that threatens to keep us paralyzed.

Feathers and nests are a sign of freedom and new life. A hope for a good future, and freedom from despair.

Many paintings are prominent in gold or amber which is symbolic of God's presence. The only time Amber is mentioned in the Bible is when God's presence was seen in the temple. I have been comforted as I'm reminded of His constant presence with us at all times.

Aqua and various forms of blue are also prominent as they remind me of heaven and what wonderful things are in store beyond today's chaos in the world and personal difficulties we may have. Heaven is on the horizon for those who trust in Christ. He will make all things new and right again.

Often we want the results of hard work without the hard work. This painting shows

what goes into completing a painting as well as an allegory for the journeys we take in life.

We may live life believing the other shoe is always going to drop or there is doom around the corner because hard times have come before. But there's a promise that goodness and mercy will follow those who trust in Christ. Yes, hard times will come, but we also have everything we need to live abundant lives no matter our circumstances.  

With the belief that abundant life is ours, we can stand strong and be courageous when gray clouds gather.

There are nights that can last for months or years. We are in continued grief, and the darkness just doesn't lift. But morning is coming and His presence and promises will carry us through the midnight.

With a bowl of lemons in life,

we long for relief. We ache for sunshine, and it will come just as the sun rises every morning.

Bear the hardships for out of them will come endurance.

Let everything be done in love.

Held by Christ, believing Who He is, we are at peace.

As night draws near, cling to the promises that have been given and they will sustain us at midnight.

We can be bound or set free by keys.

A simple choice can make all the difference.

After a long night, the quiet appearance of morning is all the more glorious.