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I Will Trust

Under the Shadow of Your Wings series


Reproductions come unmatted, unframed & are shipped flat

• Edition size: 100

• Paper size 6x6 inches

• Image size 4x4 inches

• Card with verse and devotional included

• Signed and numbered by Rebecca

• Sunset Fibre Gloss paper

When we believe that God is all that He's promised, we are able to put our trust in Him. And while the storm thrashes violently, we can confidently rest under His care. We trust that this tempest is under His devine control, that He allows it to last so that we will press into Him and that there is a worthy purpose for such pain.

He is a refuge whose walls will never be breached. He is a sanctuary no evil can defile. His precisely calculated plan cannot be thwarted. He will act in perfect timing neither a moment too soon onor a second too late. Curl up under His wings and leave the working, fighting and protecting to Him. "He is a refuge for us, Selah."

I will trust in the shadow of Your wings.  Psalm 41:1b

I Will Trust

20% of your purchase will be donated to His Healing Light Ministries

If it weren't for this life changing ministry, these paintings may never have been created.