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Workshop 2: "Be Positive with Negative Space & Angles"

Drawing Workshops {for Teens and Adults}


Sign up for workshops individually. Take as many or as few as you like.

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Saturday Mornings, 9am-12pm Horseheads, NY

Over the course of four individual workshops, I will give you practical tools to help you confidently draw what you are seeing. You may take as many or as few workshops as you like. In a few short months, you can be confidently sketching and will have learned a wonderful skill that brings joy and calm.  

During each workshop, I will teach the concept for the day, give you a demonstration and we will use the classtime for practicing drawing, asking questions, and working through any struggles you're having. You will receive a handout with all the information that was taught and we will also take a break for refreshments.


Only a pencil, an eraser and a sketchbook are needed.

The address where workshops are held will be emailed to you after you register.

Your place will be secured when you make your payment.

Workshop 1: "Drawing in Your Right Mind & Using Alignments"

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Have you ever thought it would be fun to learn to draw?

I would love to guide you into this enriching world of sketching and drawing. It doesn't matter what kind of talent you have, I believe everyone can learn these skills.

Do you enjoy sketching and would like to get more in depth instruction? These classes are also for you. In each workshop I will give you a new tool to help you more accurately draw what you're seeing.

Treat yourself to a relaxing class.

You will not only learn a beautiful skill,

you'll also enjoy a way to quiet your mind and heart.

Workshop 3: "Master Sighting with your Magic Wand"

Workshop 4: "Value & the Super Squint"

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These workshops are for those who have either never done art before or who would like to brush up on their drawing skills.

Enjoy a comfortable learning atmosphere with soft music and, of course, some refreshments.

Double the fun and consider taking the class with a friend.

Workshops must be taken in succession.


per workshop


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Try something new - Sharpen your skills

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Workshops 3 & 4 dates coming soon.

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Saturday Mornings, 9am-12pm Horseheads, NY

{Workshop location will be emailed to you after registration.}